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A collection of commissioned digital illustrations and graphic design pieces, hand-painted work, and sketches.

graphic & ILLUSTRATIVE design


ux/ui DESIGN

Small World

Small World facilitates behaviour change for increased environmental sustainability. It utilises augmented 

reality and gamification to reveal, enhance, and popularise the sharing economy. 

Anchor test

design research 

Alice Springs

This Human-Centred Design research 

project was conducted to inform government policy, and gain a deeper understanding on how better funding allocation may enable disadvantaged Indigenous Australians to thrive. 


YouthReach Inc.

YouthReach Inc. was eager to enter the non-profit sector as an organisation who advocates and supports Australia's young carers. For this reason, they required a Human-Centred Design Research strategy and a branding and identity package.



Reading & Writing

Foundation, NL

A process of research and design was undertaken to reimagine, develop and deliver new programs to increase language proficiency in low-literate adults living in The Netherlands. 

Human-centred product design

Hack Espresso

Hack Espresso -  a domestic espresso machine which thrives in the open-source market for "hackers" and "makers", and of course - lovers of coffee.

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