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Liquid Garden

Liquid Garden enables people to grow and harvest spirulina at home - a blue-green algae that is one of the most nutrient-dense 'superfoods' that we can eat.


The Problem

  • The spirulina farming kits which are currently on the market have been engineered for safety and efficiency - but nobody yet has taken the next step and designed a kit which has carefully considered the user's experience in terms of pleasure, usability, and accessibility.


The Fix

  • Liquid Garden - a kit which brings daily ritual, tactility, and simplicity to the process of growing and harvesting spirulina. 

  • 4 weeks of prototyping, experimenting, and testing lead to the design of a kit which looks more aesthetically pleasing, has a more pleasing tactile experience, and uses ritualistic practice to create a more satisfying product for spirulina growers. 

Role / 

Product Designer, UX Designer


Year / 


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